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Estate Planning | Young people, blessed with good health, often think that estate planning is something to think of when they are older. However, death is not something you can predict and even if it is generally considered an event in the far future, the ugly truth is that death can happen at any time and to anybody. Accidents and misfortunes can befall anyone and it is to have an estate plan ready beforehand.

Another misconception surrounding an estate plan is that it is a concern for the wealthier folks. Contrary to that, everyone has an estate, it requires a plan, and for that, they need a good lawyer. Mortellaro Law is in Tampa, FL, .

Estate Planning

An estate plan is how the ‘estate’ or belongings of a person will be distributed after their death. The aim is to go for a plan with minimal expenditure on taxes and legal fees.

In case a person fails to hire reliable services for estate planning, the

A good estate planning service has the following features:

Providing a living will, healthcare surrogate and a power of attorney

Trusts and will for future needs

In case of disability, special needs planning

In case of a relative, they offer probate and trust administration as well

Taking care of the elderly by informing them about elder law

Residents of Tampa, FL, should contact the Law Office of Michelangelo Mortellaro P.A. They will cater to the changing needs of an estate plan as well as per the family structure of the client.

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