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It is an unfortunate reality of today’s society that you can spend your entire professional life trying to build wealth and prosperity for yourself and your family only to see those assets become vulnerable to creditors or debt collectors. Engaging in Asset Protection must occur BEFORE those assets come into question in any legal setting. To prevent this occurrence, you’ll need a competent and knowledgeable Asset Protection Attorney, and soon.

While the legal strategies regarding asset protection can be as varied as the legal risks to those assets, a good Asset Protection Attorney such as the attorneys at Mortellaro Law can protect you through instruments such as a land trust or an LLC. Each case is different, and the Asset Protection Attorneys at Mortellaro Law can help personalize the protection plan for your assets in the cases such as:

  • Premises liability
  • Professional negligence
  • Taxes or contractual obligations
  • Divorce or domestic disputes

Why do I need an Asset Protection Attorney?

Understanding the finer details of these laws and exemptions can be difficult and frustrating to most Florida residents. Debt collection agencies and creditors have their own attorneys to work the laws in their favor, taking your hard-earned finances, savings and property. That is why hiring an experienced Asset Protection Attorney IS your greatest asset.

In the Tampa Bay area, contact the Asset Protection Attorneys of Mortellaro Law to schedule a free consultation with Michelanglo Mortellaro, Principal Attorney, or Roy Wilkes, Associate Attorney. You can always call us at (813) 367-1500, or initiate a chat on this page.

If you’re located in the Treasure Coast area of Florida, you’ll want to talk with Jason D. Berger, Esq. He can be reached at (772) 261-2333.

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